Transcend into Light

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In the heart of Northern Kenya, the Turkana tribe navigates the shores of Lake Turkana with a timeless grace.   Amidst the vast expanse of arid land, they carry a legacy of resilience and wisdom, transcending the challenges of their environment with each stride.

“Transcend into Light” invites you to ponder the parallels between their journey and your own. Just as the Turkana tribe has done so for centuries, you too can you rise above the obstacles in your path, embracing the journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery. As the sun sets on their horizon, it rises on yours, illuminating the path towards your own luminous destiny.

This fine art print will shine brightly on your walls, reminding you of your inner strength and spirit.


Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin 300

This paper is a natural white inkjet paper made of 100% α-cellulose that has been refined with a special inkjet coating for fine art applications. The subtly textured, smooth base contains no optical brighteners, and has a silky, smooth surface texture with a beautiful feel. The satin-gloss premium inkjet coating is more subtle than its cousin, FineArt Baryta 325, yet still guarantees exceptional print results with intense colors, deep blacks, and outstanding sharpness.

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