Ante Up

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“Ante Up” captures a close-up of the ornate and prestigious necklace of a woman from the Hamer tribe in Ethiopia, representing her esteemed status as the first wife of her husband. The significance of her necklace, symbolizing the substantial dowry paid for her hand in marriage, adds layers of cultural depth to the image.

Just as this Hamer woman is acknowledged for her worth, so too should you in your own life.  This photo serves as a poignant reminder to never settle for less than what you deserve, whether in love, career, or personal growth.

Hanging in your room, this fine art photograph will serve as a daily reminder to pursue your aspirations unapologetically, to embrace your worth, and to strive for greatness. 


Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin 300

This paper is a natural white inkjet paper made of 100% α-cellulose that has been refined with a special inkjet coating for fine art applications. The subtly textured, smooth base contains no optical brighteners, and has a silky, smooth surface texture with a beautiful feel. The satin-gloss premium inkjet coating is more subtle than its cousin, FineArt Baryta 325, yet still guarantees exceptional print results with intense colors, deep blacks, and outstanding sharpness.

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