Zann Parker

Makeup Artist

Growing up in Florida with years of private art lessons, and then onto graduating with a Bachelor of Artist in Graphic design, Zann Parker has always had a knack for colors, painting, and using her hands creatively.  Once she finished college, she realized creating her art on a computer wasn’t fulfilling her artistic needs and so started working at a makeup counter, where faces became her new and ideal canvas.

After being with the company six months she was able to transfer to New York City and begin exploring different facets of the makeup industry. Now with over 10 years of experience, and IMDb accredited, Zann keeps herself busy working on various jobs including: private clients, T.V. personalities, e-commerce, photoshoots, and weddings.  

She has worked with Christian Dior on an online beauty campaign with Refinery29, and then again with  Her work has been published in Bergdorf Goodman magazine and will be seen in the photography book “Mother and Child” coming out in February 2018. 

Zann’s biggest reward comes from seeing the smile on women’s faces and helping them to feel beautiful and more confident. She hopes to one day travel abroad and evoke happiness through her craft around the world.


Past Clients:

Christian Dior, Elias World Media, Coburn Communication, Avon, Retail Me Not, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Barber Clothing, NY Presbyterian Hospital, Bella on Demand, Michelle Elaine Weddings, Editorialist, Sullivan and Cromwell



Romeo Santos ft Daddy Yankee music video, “Bella Y Sensual”, Key Artist

Jennifer Lopez ft Wisin, “Amor Amor Amor”, Assistant Makup Artist

A Tribe Called Quest, “We The People”, Assistant Makeup Artist

Enrique Iglesias ft Nicky Jam music video, “Forgiveness”, Assistant Makeup Artist


Sara Skirboll, Retail Me Not x Inside Edition, The Wendy Williams Show, The View, NBC Nightly

Greta Monahan x Good morning America

Dr. Tracey Pfiefer x Dr. Oz

Pamela Morgan x Beat Bobby Flay


Haus Vac commericial, Key Hair and Makeup Artist

Sleep Inn Choice Hotels commercial, Key Hair and Makeup Artist



Zohar by Frank Forter FW15 Key: Keila Cruz

Malan Brenton FW15 Key: Alexander Acosta