From the beginning, I was flying above the clouds and exploring the wilds of the Earth. It must be in my DNA. My mom, a flight attendant, instilled a love of travel; my dad, an avid agriculturist, hunter, and fisherman, gave me an appreciation for the land.

I soon developed a love of art and creativity, and pursued this, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. I moved to New York, and became a make-up artist, where the human face became my canvas. I still work closely with private clients, and on commercials, music videos, fashion shoots.

However, my love for travel and adventure never waned. In 2018, I was invited to visit Morocco, and that is when my life changed forever! I was exposed to different cultures, religions, landscapes, tastes, and traditions. I hung out with locals, road-tripped the country, slept under the stars. I never felt so alive and fulfilled. I’d found my niche in the world. I realized there is so much beauty, so much to discover and learn, in this amazing world. My fearlessness took the reins and I decided to travel solo, charting my own course, diving head first into it all. My aim is to absorb different cultures, traditions, and discover the nuances that make each place and each person so special.

My travels have inspired me to share with you, through photography and video, the incredible and unique people that I’ve learned to love. As an artist, I am enthralled with their clothing, body art, hairstyles, jewelry, and even more importantly, their way of life. What are their beliefs, their faiths, their loves – what is important to them? We have so much to learn from each other as human being. We can truly make a better world by listening and understanding.

I invite you to journey with me, in my discoveries, experiences, and truly exhilarating adventures!